A year ago yesterday, I met a guy. It was his 26th birthday. I instantly took a liking to him because of his appearance and age. We began hanging out and I can only describe our short something-other-than-a-relationship, but I don’t want to say friendship, using this song. In my eyes, he was my “lesson learned” guy. I learned that I can have the looks and everything on the outside that I look for in a guy, OR I can have everything I’m looking for as far as caring, compassion, etc. It seems I can only have one or the other. Anyway, I ran in to him at dinner Saturday night. He went through a breakup a couple months ago. We ended up talking for a few hours and I listened to the whole sob story, but I didn’t feel bad. It seems to have affected him in the best way possible. A year ago, he was the most egotistical asshole I’d ever met (yet I liked him anyway, funny how that works). But the other night was different. Obviously I refuse to be anyone’s rebound, but we have plans to have a drink tomorrow night. I think I’ve gotten the closure I needed. Now I’m fine with “just friends”… This could be a good thing.

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