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In honor of the series finale on Wednesday, I quickly made a #OTH playlist of 23 songs that I love and tend to associate with the show when I hear them. If you have an hour and 40 minutes, sit back, reminisce, cry, and enjoy.




Augustana - Sweet & Low

Sucks they are broken up. 

FAVORITE Augustana song.

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Seeing Austin Gibbs and Augustana kinda makes me rethink the music I listen to. The feeling I got seeing them perform was indescribable, and I can’t say that for the majority of the bands I go see. And no, it’s not because I had several drinks in my system… Maybe it’s because I continue to see the same bands over and over, but I really think a big part of it is the fact that they are both INSANELY talented. Augustana headlined last night and after The Maine played, AT LEAST half of the crowd left to either go to merch or go wait by The Maine’s bus. They didn’t even stay for Augustana. I just can’t believe that many people paid $25 to see The Maine and didn’t even give Augustana a chance to wow them. It’s The Maine, people……. I’m over it. Just like I got over Forever the Sickest Kids

I’m just getting old, I guess.