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Blue. Part of my collection. (Taken with instagram)

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I FREAKED OUT… I can’t wait nine months. 

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Oh, hey. There’s Rudy, aka Brian Moser, chillin’ in the background. Clearly getting ready to make Bella his next kill. 

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This is what happens when I take a month off from life. Looks like I’ll have plenty to watch over winter hiatus! And without commercials! :)


4.07 It’s the Great Masquerade

4.08 Vegas, Maybe?

Ringer -

1.07 Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?

1.08 Maybe We Should Get A Dog Instead

New Girl

1.05 Cece Crashes


3.06 Tales From the Luncheonette

3.07 Forced Family Fun

3.08 In-Between

Vampire Diaries

3.06 Smells Like Teen Spirit

3.07 Ghost World

3.08 Ordinary People

3.09 Homecoming

Secret Circle

1.06 Wake

1.07 Masked

1.08 Beneath

1.09 Balcoin


2.05 Looking Glass

2.06 343 Walnut Lane

2.07 Clawback

2.08 London Calling


6.06 Just Let Go

Pan Am

1.04 Eastern Exposure

1.05 One Coin in a Fountain

1.06 The Genuine Article

1.07 Truth or Dare

Gossip Girl

5.06 I Am Number Nine

Fringe -

4.05 Novation

Pretty Little Liars -

2.13 The First Secret

The Lying Game -

1.10 East of Emma

Revenge -

1.07 Charade


Yes, I posted this on FB the other day… but I feel the need to tumbl it because I have an awesome uncle (even if he does pick on me all the time). But his reply cracks me up!!!

Note: For those unaware, this happend after he sent me a link to watch the first season 6 episode of Dexter. 


We switched from HBO to Showtime!! Now I have a reason to catch up on Weeds.


So today has been a very long day. I woke up at 7:20 on my own this morning without an alarm. I watched a little One Tree Hill, started some laundry, and played a little New Super Mario Bros until I had to get ready for work. I worked 10-6 and then had plans to meet up with some friends from high school at 7 at Buffalo Wild Wings for a friend’s 21st birthday dinner and possibly a party at another friend’s apartment at 9. So far, so good.

A week ago, this boy from work that I have had a crush on (SINCE HE CAME IN FOR HIS INTERVIEW…..MONTHS AGO) got back from a two week vacation/backpacking trip to Europe. He reminded me that we still need to go out for a drink (because we’re both 21), so we made plans to meet tonight, at a bar downtown that I really like, at 8:30 or 9ish. This is the third time we’ve made plans to hang out…. and the third time he’s cancelled. The first two times were supposed to be “group” hang outs with one of our mutual friends, but he cancelled both times because (supposedly) our mutual friend was sick and wasn’t feeling up to going out. Ok, that’s fine… It wasn’t supposed to be a date or anything… I guess. But this time, he makes a point to tell me several days before he leaves for Europe that we still need to have a drink. We don’t speak for days after that, then he texts me before he gets on a plane to tell me he’s leaving for Europe, etc. and that he’ll see me in 2011…….. SO, once he got back he says again that we need to go out and tells me when he’s available and asks where I’d like to go, etc. and then cancels at 8:11pm tonight. DUDE. MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND! Actually, don’t. Because that’s strike three.

So anyway, we both work tomorrow and he says he’ll explain tomorrow because it’s personal and he didn’t want to be a downer on my night out with friends from high school and that texting the explanation is “so impersonal”… I honestly don’t even want his excuses. I’m over it. He’s out of the game.

And to be completely honest, I was going to cancel plans with him tonight because he gives these crazy mixed signals and we haven’t talked at all this week at work, so I was going to say we could go out another time, that way I could go to my friend’s party and then to Corned Beef to hear my friend’s band play at 10:30. But with the way “plans” have been broken in the past I had a strong feeling he was going to cancel anyway. So either way, we wouldn’t have gone out tonight. But the fact that he cancelled again (even though I was going to cancel if he didn’t) makes strike three because I told him when we made the plans that he better not cancel again. So I’m done. Sorry, dude. I was really looking forward to getting to know you. I don’t dwell on boy issues at all, but this is obviously one complicated dude.

On a brighter note, I got these from Amazon today :)


Tumblr overwhelms me. Every time I see a LOST, Dexter, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, 500 Days of Summer, (and other movies) post, I want to drop everything and watch all of them. At the same time. Which is a problem, because that’s not possible.