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because it’s going to be a really intense Haley James Scott episode (he loves Haley and wants to marry her)… And he told me he can’t watch Haley and Nathan because it makes him jealous… HAHAHAHA <3 <3 <3


Oh, hey. Remember when we were all 99.9% certain this was going to be the last episode ever of One Tree Hill and cried our eyes out forever? Or was that just me…?


But this one, you guys. Now this is Naley love. <3


By “didn’t see much chemistry between them out-of-character”, this is what I mean. Not sitting side-by-side as they would if they were IN character. He’s as far as he can get on the edge of that cushion. Bodies turned in different directions. Feet pointed in opposite directions. This is what psychology has taught me. Hahaha.

But I’m just as big a Naley fan as all of you! If only it were real life… 

Photo Set

Finally got a photo with James fully clothed during the last night ever of filming at the Rivercourt. Brb while I go cry my eyes out.

Photo Set

Take a bow, beautiful people. <3


Shantel, Rob, James, Joy, Sophia, & Austin


Nathan & Haley love. <3 



Kate Voegele - Hallelujah (cover)

I think I’m gonna have to work it out so I can see Kate Voegele and Parachute in Raleigh on a Tuesday night. I just can’t miss it!

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This is all I want. Cuddles foreverrr. 

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