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Tyler Hilton

July 3, 2012

The Boathouse

Myrtle Beach, SC


In honor of the series finale on Wednesday, I quickly made a #OTH playlist of 23 songs that I love and tend to associate with the show when I hear them. If you have an hour and 40 minutes, sit back, reminisce, cry, and enjoy.


Oh, hi. <3


Prince of Nothing Charming - Tyler Hilton

The chorus. Just LISTEN. Absolute perfection. This song will be on repeat for a week, I can already tell.

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Photo Set

Chris Keller’s work here is done.

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Wishes do come true. I’ve always wanted to extra in a concert scene at Tric. So happy and lucky to have had the opportunity. I’ll never forget it. <3


Well the past few weekends in North Carolina have been fun. Three consecutive weeks of Tyler Hilton? Not much can top that! But I’m looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow night. Stoked for the Fringe and Nikita premieres! Nerd status.


Tyler Hilton - Kicking My Heels

Charlotte, NC

September 3, 2011


Tyler Hilton can photobomb my photo any day.